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Your Heart Centered

Destination Wedding &

Event Planner

Hi! I am Lisa – a fun, friendly, creative, professional, talented, supportive, organized, charismatic, joyful, loving Hawaii wedding planner.


I am ready and waiting to guide you through your dream wedding experience.


My love for weddings started at a young age– with a mouthful of sickly sweet icing & my eyes locked on the couple swaying in front of me.

I’d blissfully ask my aunt how such a magical day came to be, and she’d talk me through the role & responsibilities of a wedding team.

However, my path didn’t lead me directly to wedding planning, it led me to people, and roles where I fostered & built connections with them.

From hospitality to mentoring, I care about uncovering desires & using my skills to bring them to fruition. Today, that looks like connection-focused wedding & event planning in the paradise I call home: Hawaii.

Lisa Makaneole

Owner & Principal Planner


I have a romantic heart & a need for meaningful connection


I’m a people person, which is why you’ll find me talking, learning, and laughing from others. Getting to know you and your truth enables me to plan celebrations that align with your dreams & desires.

If I’m truthful, it’s not weddings I adore, it's relationships. At their core, weddings are a celebration of love, devotion,

and romance– and it’s my job to create a wedding that’s worthy & reflective of that.


Lotus Events & Weddings ticks all the boxes when it comes to finding a qualified Hawaii wedding planner: organized, detail-orientated, established, informative & professional.

But my support goes beyond tick-boxes & characteristics (although I can attest to all these things). My true value comes in the form of emotional support & understanding.

You’ve never planned an event that brings together all your loved ones, that’s 2,000 miles away and in a place where you don’t know the local shop, let alone the best wedding vendors.


What you need is someone to hold your hand, guide you through & reassure you that you will have that picture-perfect day you’ve been pining over.


And that’s what I’ll be, with love & aloha.

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Love Notes

Phenomenal wedding planning! Lisa understands the bigger picture of the relationship beyond the wedding to make your special day even better! Everything was smooth with backup plans (which we had to use). Clear communication. Tons of connections with vendors to enjoy Kauai beyond a wedding ceremony and reception. Thanks again!

Bob & Hayley Der

The Lotus Flower Approach

Right now, you’re lost in the murky water. Downloading checklists, asking loved ones, and scrolling the internet for clarity on planning & designing a wedding.


But you feel like you’re falling deeper into an ocean of questions without answers.


I believe wedding planning is like the blooming of a lotus flower– you begin buried in uncertainty & characterized by anguish. But with nurturing & guidance, your partnership blooms into a new chapter, defined by ease, grace, and beauty.


Meaningful relationships are at the heart of Lotus Events & Weddings

and that starts with my team


Do you have people in your life you can turn to for anything?

Whether it’s a you’ve got this smile or someone who will always listen to you.

We’ll become those people for you.


From finding the best scuba diving spot to securing your marriage license, your to-do list (& want to-do list) becomes ours.

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